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What is Honorary Membership?

Those who have provided significant financial and moral support to an association's initiatives and works related to sustainable development on a national and/or international scale, in other words to the aims and service issues of the association, can be accepted as honorary members by the decision of the general assembly. 

Benefits for Honorary Member

  • Respect: Honorary members are people who contribute to the prestige of the association and are generally committed to the values and goals of the association. Therefore, honorary membership has a prestigious position and can often increase a person's reputation in business or in the community.

  • Opportunities: Honorary members can get the opportunity to attend events, meetings or conferences organized by the association free of charge. Thus, they can be informed about the activities of the association and the developments in the sector.

  • Networking: Honorary members of the association can strengthen their relations in the sector by meeting with public-NGO-private sector managers in projects. This can increase collaboration opportunities and provide access to new business opportunities.

  • Respect for their contribution: Honorary membership shows that a person's contributions to the association are appreciated. This can lead honorary members to feel important and show greater commitment to the work of the association.

  • The association usually presents plaques to honorary members. This plaque indicates that a person has been accepted as an honorary member and is a respected member of the association.

  • The association promotes honorary members on its website and social media accounts.

  • An honorary membership of an association is a title given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions or are recognized.

  • Honorary membership can increase an association's prestige and help it gain greater recognition in society.

  • It can be used to promote the aims and objectives of the association to a wider audience.

  • The reputation of honorary members can help make the association more recognizable to the public and enable greater support for the association's work.

  • Honorary membership can enhance an association's reputation, help it gain greater recognition in society, and support its activities. 

  • Honorary members also provide opportunities to contribute to the work of the association and to promote the aims of the association to a wider audience.

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