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About Us

Fashion Designers Union and Solidarity Association was established in 2011 with the coming together of legal and real persons. Our aim is to ensure that Turkish Fashion and Turkish Fashion Designers achieve the position they deserve in the domestic and international arena,  employees in the fashion industry and  to ensure the unity of real people and to contribute to the solution of problems in the sector.        

Our contributions to designers;

Our Association; By making all the necessary determinations from the design processes of the designers to the development and needs analysis of the sector, from expanding the job opportunities of the designers to improving the working conditions; We are working to provide support in areas such as production, branding and product marketing. In addition, we provide the necessary support so that they can have a place in the domestic and international market and represent our country in the international arena in the best way.

Our contributions to the Turkish Fashion Industry;

Our association, which has a very important mission to protect the interests of the sector and contribute to its development, takes concrete steps for the sustainability of the projects it realizes with its solution partners. Our association has 55 projects developed on this subject.

In our country, there is a significant need for brands that can produce sustainable textiles and designs in the fashion industry. In addition, a roadmap is being prepared together with experts in order to achieve a strong growth in areas where a sectoral development that can adapt to technological developments is needed.

To meet the needs of our country's fashion sector in an institutional sense and to contribute to the sector  projects  We would like to state that we are ready to work hand in hand with non-governmental organizations, universities, fairs, companies and anyone who contributes to the sector.

Kind regards


Chairman of the Board


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