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  1. Unique Networks and Collaborations: MTB membership offers fashion designers an extensive professional network. MTB allows you to collaborate with other successful designers, fashion brands, media outlets and industry leaders in the industry. In this way, you can discover new business opportunities, take part in projects and make important connections for future collaborations.

  2. Training and Development Opportunities: MTB offers its members continuing education and development opportunities in the field of fashion design. Through events such as special seminars, workshops and conferences, you can hone your design skills, follow new trends and learn about the latest innovations in the industry. That way, you'll have the knowledge and skills you need to move your career forward.

  3. Marketing and Promotion Support: MTB members have significant opportunities to promote their designs and brands on national and international platforms. You can exhibit your designs at events, fashion weeks and fashion shows organized by MTB, and communicate directly with media and industry representatives. You can also increase your brand's visibility thanks to MTB's wide media network and digital platforms.

  4. Innovation: MTB gives importance to innovation and innovation-oriented projects in the fashion industry. It offers its members the opportunity to discover new technologies and advanced production methods. In this way, you can take part in innovative projects such as designs that push the limits and sustainable production models. In line with MTB's vision, you can contribute to inspiring and future-oriented work in the industry.

  5. Access to International Platforms: MTB offers great opportunities for designers who want to enter the international fashion scene. You can take part in platforms such as international collaborations, fashion fairs and events, and interact with world-renowned brands and designers. This is a valuable opportunity for you to build a global brand and reach an international audience.

With MTB membership, fashion designers can keep up with current trends in the industry, seize growth opportunities and advance their careers. By becoming a member of this organization, you have the chance to develop your design skills, increase your promotion and build a strong presence in the fashion world.


As it is known, most associations provide various advantages to the managers of the associations rather than being beneficial to the employees in the relevant sector. However, the Fashion Designers' Union and Solidarity Association gives its first priority to the sector employees. If you become a member, you will have the following advantages, which you can gain by spending a lot of time and effort on your own, thanks to the corporate identity of the association:

1-            You will be able to gain professional corporate identity. Thanks to the corporate identity gained through Association Membership, it takes part in corporate projects and design-related events in the sector.

You can take.

2-           You will be able to get to know the sector better and make evaluations.

3-           You will get to know the industry and expand your business circle. Participating as a member in the activities to be carried out by the Association in the sector allows to get to know the sector, to increase the work experience and to expand the business environment.

4-           Your name or brand awareness will increase. With Dermek membership, you can promote your professional identity with fashion shows and presentations by our association, and promote your name or brand to wider circles.

opportunity to show  you can get.

5-           You will be able to get information from experts on business-related issues and move on to the application phase with experts. You can establish business contacts with professionals working for your brand in the sector or new people who will meet your workforce needs, and you can create your design team without wasting time.

6-           You will develop your professional knowledge and make them applicable. The   each  You can find all kinds of professional information.

7-           You will be able to take part in the activities of the association. In the meetings to be held, you can communicate with your colleagues and every person related to the profession.

8-           You will be able to take part in the fair, fashion show, branding and education with your name or brand. At the industry-related fairs we have agreements with,  You can take part in our association stand and present your design products   you can introduce.

9-           The    prepared by our association for the sector and its members. you can use projects.

10-         You will be able to promote your name or brand nationally and internationally and expand your network. 

11-         You will be able to benefit from the units we have created with experts for branding, registration, legal issues, sectoral environment and business volume.


The legislation regarding membership procedures to the association is given below.

Right to Become a Member and Membership Procedures

               Article 3- Every natural and legal person who has the capacity to act, adopts the aims and principles of the association and agrees to work in this direction and meets the conditions stipulated by the legislation has the right to become a member of this association. However, foreign natural persons must also have the right to settle in Turkey in order to become a member. This condition does not apply to honorary membership.

               The membership application to be made in writing to the chairmanship of the association is decided by the board of directors of the association in the form of acceptance or rejection of the request within maximum thirty days and the result is notified to the applicant in writing. The member whose application is accepted is recorded in the book to be kept for this purpose.

The rights and duties of the members are explained below:

          1-  The original members of the association are the persons elected by the general assembly of the association and accepted to membership by the board of directors upon their written application.

          2- The decisions of the board of directors of the association are valid. Members cannot claim rights.

          3- Persons who are members of the association can be among the founding members if the current board of directors approves.

          4- Those who have provided significant financial and moral support to the association may be accepted as honorary members by the decision of the board of directors.

         5- Membership entry and membership fee determined in the general assembly to become a member  It must be paid to the association within the specified periods.

         6- Persons who are educated in fashion design, textile, ready-made clothing and industry-related fields can become members of the association without paying a membership fee, provided that they bring a document from the institution where they are educated, until the end of their education period.

         7-When the branch of the association is opened, the membership records of those registered at the association headquarters are transferred to the branches. New membership applications are made to the branch. The processes of acceptance and removal from membership are made by the branch administrative boards and notified to the Headquarters in a letter within thirty days at the most.


               Article 4-Each member has the right to leave the association, provided that he or she notifies him in writing.

As soon as the resignation petition of the member reaches the board of directors, the exit procedures are deemed to be completed. Resignation from membership does not end the accumulated debts of the member to the association, and the entrance paid for membership and dues paid as long as he is a member cannot be returned, everyone who becomes a member is deemed to have accepted the conditions of being a member specified in the association's bylaws. The person who wants to leave the membership has to indicate to the association that he wants to leave the membership with a written notification.


               Article 5- Cases that require expulsion from the membership of the association.

               1-To act in violation of the association's statute,

               2- Constantly avoiding the assigned tasks,

               3-Failure to pay the membership fee within six months despite written warnings,

               4- Not complying with the decisions made by the association bodies.

               5-To lose the conditions of membership,

In case of detection of one of the above-mentioned situations, he can be removed from membership with the decision of the board of directors.

               Those who leave or are removed from the association are deleted from the member registry and the association cannot claim rights on its assets.



ID copy  (Colourful )

2 passport photos

Student certificate (from the institution of education)

Written membership petition (sent by the Association)

Membership agreement  (Sent by the association.)

criminal record


Copy of identity card

2 passport photos

Copy of diploma

Written membership petition (sent by the Association)

Membership agreement  (Sent by the association.)

criminal record


Trade register registration,

Tax plate and chamber of commerce activity certificate

Signature circular of the representative

Copy of identity card

2 passport photos  

Criminal record of the representative    




Association Entrance Fee 2000 TL (It is taken once for membership entrance.)

Association Monthly Fee 50 TL   (It is taken for 12 months.)

The annual membership fee of the association is 600 TL.

Note: A total of 2600 TL is paid in the first year, only 600 TL is paid per year in other years.

You can make your payments to our Association's bank account. Please keep your receipt.

SUPPORT TO THE DESIGNER DURING THE EDUCATION STAGE: Persons who are educated in fashion design, textile, ready-made clothing and industry-related fields can become a member of the association without paying a membership fee, provided that they bring a document from the institution where they are educated until the end of their education period.

The candidate applications accumulated in the membership archive are put on the agenda of the association's board of directors, which takes place once a month, and the member candidate is evaluated. The candidate for the board of directors is requested to report the required documents and personal design life in writing. After this review,   Voting is done for the member candidate. Its membership is accepted or rejected according to the majority of votes.


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